The Mindliven platform aims to develop competences to cope with stress and practice mindfulness, using the latest techniques in gamification, complemented by a set of practical tools and resources to facilitate the transfer of learning into the workplace. Contents are organized in different modules. Basic competences concerning how to use the platform will be proposed in an introductory module (Module 1, unit 1). An introduction to the main conceptual definitions of stress, its causes, mindfulness, and nature will be explained (Module 1, unit 2), in order to allow the users to be familiarized with these key concepts. In module 2, practical activities will be available to users, including instruments to assess the users’ needs (Module 2, unit 1), practical sessions of mindfulness (Module 2, unit 2), and also a collection of useful texts, documents and links (Module 2, unit 3) for the users that want to know more about these subjects. Module 3 will be dedicated to the important and necessary link between the workers (as the most typical users of the platform) and managers. This module proposes a facilitator inside the organization and explains its mediator role. The platform will also count with a network of facilitators based on an open forum to debate possible issues. The platform can be used independently as an individual or as a member of a company in a self-paced manner. Moreover, the platform offers a flexible usage as it includes different styles of engagement, for instance, depending on the available time each person disposes, they can choose between shorter and longer exercises. A regular exercise is a dedicated time to practice a skill, that takes about 10 minutes. A small exercise is a short experience to practice a skill, so it can more easily fit in the day, with the length of 2 or 3 minutes. A micro-practice is a very short exercise that lasts only about 15 seconds that can be very easily included in our day to day.


This part of the instructions is for “Facilitators”. The Facilitator is the person that leads the employees and the organisation in the learning process to reduce stress and improve mindfulness in nature-based practices in the work environment. People from the Human Resource Department are the ones that best might develop this role. However, employers, managers, owners and line managers from small and medium companies, after completing the training offered by the platform, might also play this role.

Thank you for taking on the role of facilitator for your company!
In this short section we want to explain how this training works and how the evaluation works, that is, the questionnaires you are going to fill out!
The “Mindfulness-in-Nature Based Training through Virtual Environments” (MINDLIVEN) project aims to provide an innovative solution for managing work-related stress. The project aims to provide Mindfulness-based training in natural environments through the use of virtual environments.

The platform is structured in video lessons, which include both a theoretical and a practical part.
Before starting with the video lessons, the worker/employee will be asked questions regarding the stress level of the workplace, how familiar one is with meditation practices, what kind of relationship one has with the natural world around us; some questions want to measure the levels of perceived restorativeness in the workplace, and other questions want to investigate the emotional life of the individual, thus how he/she controls, manages and regulates his/her emotions. The questionnaire compilation part will take approximately 25 minutes.

To participate as a company, you must apply for the MINDLIVEN Company Code by sending an email to the following address: with the following subject line: “MINDLIVEN Company Code.”
The answers provided are completely ANONYMOUS. To ensure this, workers/employees are asked to enter two codes: a personal one, generated by themselves through generic personal information that the individual knows, and a MINDLIVEN Company Code, which you will communicate.

If, for reasons of interest regarding organisational wellbeing, your company is interested in having access to the responses of its workers/employees, a request should necessarily be sent by email to with the following subject line “MINDLIVEN – corporate data.”

The data will be disclosed in aggregate form. If the workers/employees of your company who participated are NOT more than 4, the data cannot be disclosed, to ensure anonymity.

Thank you, we greatly appreciate your participation!