The developed platform will provide easy access to MinBP content, resources, tools and will include gamification concepts.



This Output provides the context for the project. It will define more clearly the challenges and problems to be addressed by the project through the development of a new set of courses and contents aimed at enabling micro-enterprises and SMEs to develop and implement plans to address work stress through MiNBP.

MINDLIVEN Online MiNBP Platform

This Output is about the design and development of the online MiNBP platform with communication tools and additional resources (like an Android and iOS app to facilitate access to the platform and contents) to facilitate the transfer of learning into the workplace but also to create the MiNBP user support community. The tool will be based on information about the IO1 MiNBP Contents to help specify the requirements.

MINDLIVEN Policy Report

This outcome will underpin the longer term. Sustainability and exploitation plans for MINDLIVEN. Partners will prepare a policy report including clear recommendations for the further development and application of the MINDLIVEN concept and tools for the management and mitigation of the risks and impact of work stress. The report will set out the economic and social benefits of extending the MINDLIVEN project to a wider European audience.