Take a deep breath,
you are in a safe place.

The developed platform will provide easy access to Mindfulness based in Nature content and resources including interactive capacity building and learning online tools.

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Mindfulness-in-Nature Based Training through Virtual Environments.

Mindfulness-in-Nature based practices articulates the positive effect of mindfulness-based training on emotional and social learning, which in turn positively affects the 5 areas of competence.

Relationship Skills



Social Awareness


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Target Audience

The target audience are workers and managers of small-medium companies as the final consumers and major beneficiaries. The aim of helping their personal and professional lives through mindfulness.

Also, will target VET trainers, HR and Health & Safety consultants will be provided innovative tools for assessing the situation with their trainees and clients, Professional associations, that have an active role in the sustainability and maintenance of the results of the MINDLIVEN project and, finally, organizational Health decision makers and governmental entities at regional, national and European levels will be contacted in order to persuade and make them aware of the need for more immediate actions.